Long Awaited

by Monologues

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Written and performed by Monologues
Recorded and produced by Davis Maxwell
Mastered by Brad Boatright
Art Direction by Alex Pak


released September 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Monologues St. Catharines, Ontario

Alex - Guitar
Dalton - Drums
Darion - Words
Liam - Bass

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Track Name: God Lay Dead in Heaven;
Dragged out
of mind,
Lost pieces-

Walking aimlessly through life,
Directions tried and tried again,
No way of knowing where is right,
Follow the guiding light.
To the valley of Gehenna,
Where I'll light myself on fire;
Watch my body turn to ashes.

Left behind,
To see
Blind eyes.

Don't get lost in this other world,
These demons stay with you,
Lying dormant in the mind;
Patiently waiting
For empty life,
Never to be found.
Track Name: Angels Sang the Hymn of the End;
I'm going out, and you're coming with me. Shortcuts through broken homes, and detours through the back alleys. Tripping over my own two feet, you lead and I'll follow closely, I don't mind getting lost with you cause I know I won't get lonely.

I'm staying home just leave without me, falling asleep on the couch, bottle on the floor and a roach in the ashtray, condiments in the fridge and a stale loaf of bread in a dusty pantry, if I'm too drunk to speak how come my thoughts come through so loudly?

In a dying shell.
Find reason,
For love in the self.
Concepts of reality,
In confusion,
Leave your trust in me.

These shaking hands, clutching life.
Terrified of letting go, believe in yourself. Consciousness is eternal.
Track Name: Purple Winds Went Moaning,
Aim high-
To the giant is in the sky;
Listen to her voice,
Leading to paradise.

This waking life shows no mercy:
Wait, breath, wait, cease.

Go to sleep,
Rest in dreams,
While hollow body
Lays anticipating.

She opens up her heart,
And speaks in loving words
To the ones she hates,
Cause the ones she loved deserted her.
Track Name: Their Wings Dripping
1, 099 days,
Since the last time I saw your face.
An endless sea of ideas and ways
That I could leave this place,
Just another broken heart;
Lost in a chasm of broken faith.
but each piece of this heart
Still has your name carved in it,
& not just this heart,
But each life you've impacted.

A face I've known and loved since birth, sat patiently waiting in a hospital room, just the tearfully whisper these last words:

"I'll see you again in Paradise, my Love."
Track Name: With Blood.
You speak in tongues,
No air through black lungs.

The spirit feels
No evil, no pain.
True life is timeless,
Eternity is Today.

Sweet angel of death,
As I stare into your eyes-
I am awake.
Sweet angel of death,
Greet with loving smile-
Take me away.

Alive at last!
Boundless depth in your eyes,
Your cold embrace
Leaves me paralyzed.